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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Percussion Of Strasbourg - Ohana/Kabelac

Choreographiques - Second Etude
The Percussion Of Strasbourg
Maurice Ohana - 4 Etudes Choreographiques
Miloslav Kabelca - 8 Inventions Opus 45
Limelight/Mercury LS 86051

This is possibly the U.S. release of a work originally presented in Europe as a part of the Prospective 21 Siecle, Philips series featuring a flashy foil cover.

The album seem obscure in this release.

Some percussion avant grade albums I've listened seem to beg for additional instruments to help fill out the sound. Not here. You get a dramatic, full-bodied sound presented in such a manner that you forget that what you are listening to is just percussion and not a full orchestra.

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