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Monday, December 31, 2012

Dixieland Mambo - Phil Gomez And The Jazzbos

Quiet Village
Dixieland Mambo
Phil Gomez And The Jazzbos
Omega OSL-46

From the back cover: Phil Gomez went to Europe in the fall of 1956 with Kid Ory, where the band played concerts in every major city on the continent, and while in Europe they worked on a French movie and did an album in Paris. The most recent movie he has appeared in is The Benny Goodman Story, and Phil has gathered fans from his recent Television work on the Bob Hope Show and Stars Of Jazz. At present he is signed with Jerry Colonna accompanying him on tours and personal appearances.

This is one of the interest cover of Quiet Village. Quirky album from the cover art to the Dixieland/Latin blend.

Dixieland Mambo
Green Eyes
Ja Da
La Cucaracha
Dixieland Cha Cha
Quiet Village
When The War Breaks Out In Mexico
Mucho Mambo
New Orleans Mambo
When The Saints Go Marching In


  1. many good songs the all year,i wish you a happy new year 2013
    yves from brussel's

  2. Indeed...a very strange rendition of Quiet Village. I wonder why they even recorded it on this LP..I mean, is it a mambo? :)

  3. Thank you so much for remembering my late father, Phil Gomez. Music was his life, and it would please him so much to know that his sounds carried resonance beyond his lifetime.

    Miguel Gomez, Las Vegas


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