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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bimini Goombay

Delia Gone
Bimini Goombay
Harcourt Brown's Bimini Teenagers
Carib LP-2005

From the back cover: Two of the boys, Neville and Frank Brown, who are still in their 'teens, are sons of Captain Harcourt Brown, the genial host to all visiting yachtsmen. Captain Brown, in the not too long-ago when Bimini was comparatively unknown, often entertained his guests with the folk tunes that are included in this album. He now leaves this pleasant task to his two talented sons and the musical group they have assembled, including Wilmore Ritchie, vocalist, and "Nattie" Saunders, the island's only steel banjo player.

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  1. I found this album, not too long ago, and started looking into Mr Brown. Turns out he had quite a history in Bimini. Although he had no formal education beyond elementary school, by the Sixties he controlled all but one of the major hotels and marinas, all shipping in and out of Bimini, and the only public utility.


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