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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Down Homers

Kentucky Rain
The Down Homers
Design SDLP-318

Here's an budget album sporting a cover that looks sort of like a country album... a folk album or maybe a soul album. And why the 70s science fiction type face?

Well... Design used some folk tracks on side one and then, just when you are about to fall asleep... they kick off side two with this whacky Elvis sound-alike version of Kentucky Rain. And then back to the folk fest.


  1. It's as if the producer was like "Hey, anyone wann ahear my Elvis impression?" And afterward they were like "Let's drop that on side 2!"


  2. I got this record out of a Zellers bargain bin here in Canada around 1980 and was delighted with it, especially the Kentucky Rain track. I always wondered about The Down Homers and when email came along I contacted the photographer who took the cover shot asking if he remembered the group and anything about taking the shot. Beyond his name, there almost no information about any one on this low-budget album. The Photographer was kind enough to answer and let me know that The Down Homers was made up of studio musicians in New York, no surprise. I didn't learn a lot but it was fun trying. Thanks for posting the album.


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