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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paul Griffin Swings With 101 Strings

Love For Sale
Paul Griffin Swings With 101 Strings
Audio Spectrum SAS-605

101 Strings
Swing With Hammond Organ
Featuring Paul Griffin
Recorded Under the Direction of D. L. Miller
Alshire Production S-5116
Manufactured by Budget Sound

Spectrum released four "Griffin" LPs. Each release featured similar cover photos.

The album is an interesting hybrid of Griffin's Hammond Organ and the 101 Strings. A number of arrangers were apparently involved on this project and some of them weren't sure how to effectively blend the funky organ sound with strings. Love For Sale has that swinging Monty Kelly touch.

Close Your Eyes
Satin Doll
Pebbles In The Sand
Definitely Blue
Blues In The Night
Love For Sale
Body And Soul
Add Strings

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