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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me To The Moon
And The Bossa Nova Pops
Joe Harnell His Piano And Orchestra
Kapp KS-3318

Billboard published a short Harnell piece the week of release in the February, 1963 issues under "Artists' Biographies". The single from the album Fly Me To The Moon, was charting "well" on Billboard Hot 100.

This album is available on CD. This is one of those few recordings that seems timeless to me. Opinions are are relative, but the album seems like Harnell could have recorded it yesterday. The sound is very light on the 60s light pop if you know what I mean. The tracks are just fresh sounding. The entire album is consistent and one song flows into the next creating smooth trip for the listener. The engineering is excellent.


  1. LOVE This. One my Dad had when I was a kid, too. Just awesome stuff!

  2. Arghh! I found this one today at one of the fifty cents, or rather forty seven cents a record Goodwills around here, but it was the jacket only! I have a feeling though that I will cross paths with this one again some day in its intended matching wonderfulness.


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