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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Desert Song

Songs From Romberg's Desert Song
Varsity Singers And Orchestra
Gramophone 20207

Obscure Gramophone release. The jacket is constructed the same fashion as Plymouth jackets. It would not surprise me to find that these two budget labels shared the same office (a basement office).

The cover art grabbed me. The print job is a two color affair, blue and metallic silver. Plymouth may have beg, borrowed or outright stole content for their records, but they demonstrated a creative spirit when it came to creating cover art.

I don't have anything glowing to say about the music or who The Varsity Singers are. The record plays like they ripped off a soundtrack from a movie. And it is apparent that Gramophone didn't have enough content so they filled up side two with some canned orchestrated music they found somewhere. I've run across this more than once.  A Plymouth release I have features non-credited Jeanette MacDonald music on the B side.

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