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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Montenegro & Mayhem

The Peanut Vendor
Montenegro & Mayhem
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra
Time Records S/2176

This album is a reissue of Bongs And Brass (Time 2014) released in 1960. It's possible that this is the stereo release.

Montenegro is one of my favorite composers who is a genius at crafting tunes with enough surprises to keep you in the groove. He was also an innovator with the moog, influencing future generations of synth artists.

This album is a bend of jazz, bachelor pad and the ping-pong, a percussion fad that Enoch Light unleashed on the world. "Ping-pong" meaning bouncing sounds, very often and in this case bongos, from one channel to another. This is a great example of the many records created after this sound. Great engineering on this Time release. Cool space age stuff.

Musicians on the album include Doc Serverisen and Al Caiola.

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  1. OH YES. this is most magical and I will be looking for it!! XO


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