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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Windmills Of Your Mind - Billy Vaughn

Time Of The Season
Billy Vaughn
The Windmills Of Your Mind
Dot Records ST-91985

I only other example of this cover I found online is listed with different catalog numbers. I can't find ST-91985 online. The record seems sort of obscure and the other image I found, features color that look very much different. My scan is the actual color of my copy, a sickly yellow/green. What a weird looking cover. What's up with the zombie model anyway?

The music is way groovy 60s light pop. I love the sound. I can't say that there is a dull song on the record. The title track may be available for purchase by the download. But the snippet seems different then the version on this album which sounds fuller. I couldn't find Time Of The Season online, so I post it as a sample.


  1. LOVE IT! That cover is awesome! Perfect description "Zombie Model" Great score!!!

  2. It's possible you have a Capitol Record Club edition of the Dot LP. Dot LP labels at that time were glossy black with a deep groove 1/2" from outer edge of label. If the label is matte and has a 1" slightly raised section around the center hole, Capitol it is, just like the actual Capitol LPs of the era.

    Why no, I'm not a record label geek. Why do you ask?


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