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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Tippy Toeing - The Harden Trio


Tall Green Pines

Tippy Toeing
The Harden Trio
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones
Cover Photo: Joe Rudia
Columbia Records CL 2506

From the back cover: Bobby Harden and his sisters Robbie and Arleen began their vocal-instrumental career as youngsters with their own show on radio station KVLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. As their talent ripened, they appeared frequently as guest stars on Red Foley's "Ozark Jubilee" and on "Louisiana Hayride." Today, they are one of the youngest and at the same time one of the most seasoned performing groups on the musical scene.

Tippy Toeing
How Long Does It Take
The Race Is On
Tall Green Pines
Little Boy Walk Like A Man
Is It Really Over
Little White House
Dear Brother
Make The World Go Away
Hey Pinnoch
Poor Boy

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