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Sunday, April 11, 2021

All Of You - Ahmad Jamal


You Go To My Head

All Of You
Ahmad Jamal
Supervision: Leonard Chess
Cover: Don Bronstein
Engineer: Ron Malo
Recorded in June, 1961, during actual performance at Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra, Chicago
Ahmad Jamal - Piano
Israel Crosby - Bass
Vernell Fournier - Drums
Argo LP 691
Chess Producing Corp.

From the back cover: The Admad Jamal Trio was formed in May 1951. At that time we were using Guitar - Ray Crawford and Bass - Tommy Sowell.

We started recording in 1952. I had been trying to sell the idea spasmodically since 1949, when I made certain efforts in this direction towards some of the most likely recording companies at that time... unsuccessfully.

I will always remember my very dear and long time acquaintance Chris Powell (whose group most of you "informed aficionados" wouldn't remember the late Clifford Brown being a part of). Chris' group made the first demonstration pressing with me in Toronto... where he was working at the time and I was accompanying group of singers called "The Caldwells."

Since then much has taken place... recording and otherwise, including some "5" Star record ratings (whatever that means... Ahmad's Blues, etc.,... Down Beat Magazine) as early as 1952 when the group was virtually unheard of.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with and around such musicians as Thomas Turrentine, Joe Harrs, Harold Holt, Joe Kennedy, Sam Johnson, Edgar Willis and also share the rich heritage that Pittsburgh has... Roy Eldridge, Erroll Garner, Dodo Marmarosa, Ray Brown, Art Blakely, Earl Hines, Billy Eckstein, Billy Strayhorn and many many others, including some personalities that are synonymous with Pittsburg... LeRoy Brown, Honey Boy Minor, William Hitchcock, Joe Westray, etc.

Pittsburgh was and still is a formidable territory for transient musicians, with sessions going on into the early hours of the morning. Such musicians as Jerry Elliott, Billy Lewis, Bass MaMahon and the musicians who hadn't started playing then and are doing so well now (Stanley Turrentine and others) playing Host.

This present LP was recorded in one of the most enjoyable and most compatible atmosphere that I have ever known, as far as clubs to... The AlHambra... not saying this because we own same, but because so many club owners and promoter could take a lesson from the Artist's approach toward working facilities  for the musicians and singers.

The acoustics, the piano, the lighting, the atmosphere, could only be conducive to one thing... a happy result and here it is. – Ahmad Jamal

From Billboard - May 12, 1962: Ahmad Jamal is back with another exciting album of jazz improvisations. The pianist is in top dramatic form building each of the seven selections with an eye to drawing the most out of not only the tune but the listening audience, which, on this album, was comfortably settled in Jamal's own club Alhambra in Chicago. The trio swings at a fine medium tempo through most of the set with "All Of You," "Star Eyes" and "Angel Eyes" emerging as three of the better tracks.

Time On My Hands
Angel Eyes
You Go To My Head
Star Eyes
All Of You
You're Blasé
What Is This Thing Called Love

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