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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Happy Day Express - Sing With Marcy


Down In The Dumps

Happy Day Express
Sing With Marcy
Narration Written by Gloria Seal
Narrated by Alberta Shipley
Produced by Carl Seal
Entire Jacket Designed and Produced by Alpha Omega Productions, Inc.
Cornerstone Records & Sunshine Music Mountain (SLP 469)

From the back cover: Marcy Tigner was born in Wichita, Kansas where she was raised in a Christian atmosphere that influenced her early decision for Christ and consequent determination to be active in Christian service. Marcy's unusual voice quality has made possible this long play album as an important avenue of Christian service. "Happy Time Express" will give each child many delightful and instructive Sunday School hours in the home.

Jesus Loves Me
I Have The Joy, Joy, Joy
Down In The Dumps
I'll Be A Sunbeam 
Birds Upon The Tree Top
Dare To Be Daniel
Onward Christian Soldiers
Happy All The Time
Behold, Behold
Climb, Climb, Up Sunshine Mountain
If We All Pull Together
Jesus Bids Us Shine
One Door And Only One
This Little Light Of Mine
Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves The Little Children
If You Really Love Him
Happy Day Express
One, Two, Three
Oh Be Careful
Saved Every Day Of The Week
The B-I-B-L-E
Mine, Mine, Mine
Whisper A Prayer

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