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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Billy May's Big Fat Brass


Joom Jooms

Billy May's Big Fat Brass
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh
Recorded in Hollywood, June, 1958
Capitol Records T1043


Trumpets: Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach, John Best, San Rasey, Pete Candoli & Manny Klein
Trombones: Si Zentner, Tommy Peterson, Ed Kusby & George Roberts (bass trombone)
French Horns: Vince de Rosa, Jack Cave, Jimmy Decker, Dick Perissi & Art Franz
Tubas: Red Callender & Clarance Karella
Harp: Veryle Mills
Piano: Paul Smith
Guitar: Al Hendrickson
Bass: Jon Mondragon (alternating with) Ralph Penner
Drums: Alvin Stoller
Percussion: Lou Singer & Ralph Hansell

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: An exceptional "sound" package. May's arrangements are for six trumpets, four trombones, five French horns, two tubas and rhythm. Songs included ranged from originals ("Solving The Riddle," "Brassmen's Holiday") to familiar items ("Autumn Leaves," "Moonlight Becomes You"). If all monaural disks had this kind of quality recording work, there'd be little need for stereo. Highly recommended for just plain listening and for the most particular audio fans.

Brassmen's Holiday
Autumn Leaves
Love Is The Things
Ping Pong
Moonlight Becomes You
Pawn Ticket
Solving The Riddle
The Continental 
Return Of The Zombie
On A Little Street In Singapore
Jooms Jooms

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