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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Erroll Garner Gems


I Cover The Waterfront

Erroll Garner Gems
Columbia Records CL 583

From the back cover: There is no point in commenting on the individual numbers of this collection. Most of these numbers have been picked by Garner's ever-growing host of fans. As a matter of fact, it was a difficult thing to select only twelve numbers which typify his work. His style is so varied and provocative, so deft and invigorating that it is almost impossible to select a series of tunes which would adequately display his style. Nevertheless we feel that in this collection we have made a fair choice of numbers. The titles are almost synonymous with the name Erroll Garner. Garner, incidentally, is a prolific composer and has many tunes to his credit, including Play, Piano, Play, his version of which was voted the outstanding jazz record in France in 1950.

From Billboard - April 28, 1954: Here's a delightful jazz package which should appeal equally to those seeking "cocktail music." Garner plays 12 tunes which have been standouts in his repertoire for several years. Backing is either by John Simmons (bass) and Shadow Williams (drums) or Bull Ruther (bass) and "Fats" Heard (drums). On each selection the Garner piano is well evident – and on each the man displays his ability to sell in any tempo or mood. Most of the performances are really "gems".

I'm In The Mood For Love
The Way You Look Tonight
Penthouse Serenade
Play, Piano, Play
Body And Soul
I Cover The Waterfront
Oh, Lady Be Good
Mean To Me
Easy To Love

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