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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

So Good - Don And The Goodtimes


My Color Song

So Good
Don And The Goodtimes
Produced by Jack Nitzsche
*Produced by Jack Nitzsche and Stu Phillips
**Produced by Jerry Fuller
Arranged by Jack Nitzsche and Stu Phillips
Cover Design: Michael Mendel
Epic Records LN 24311

From the back cover: Li'l Don Galliucci, 19, was a child prodigy on piano and organ and is considered by The Goodtimes to be the best musician in the bunch (any bunch). In carving the album, his fingers also had opportunity to caress harpsichords, clavichords and other intriguing instruments.

Born October 31 in Portland, Oregon, Don has brown hair and eyes, a love-me kind of smile, and the firm belief that he is 9' 7" ("but I photograph shorter," says he). He is the group's musical arranger, spark plug, spearhead, and presently leads in the fan letter sweepstakes.

He's an avid reader (including cereal cartoon at the breakfast table), lifts weights to keep muscles on his slender frame, assembles model cars, loves to study people and many set an Olympic Dating Record this year.

Ron (Buzz) Overman, 21, is the first up every morning, regardless of how late the bedtime. He's the Goodtime visionary, who approaches every group project with dedication, devotion and a sense of destiny. "The Buzzard," through his songwriting, is a prime creative force. On stage, smiling, stepping and strumming the bass guitar, singing lead vocal or la-la-la-ing in the background, his mere presence commands an audience to enjoy.

Buzz is 5' 10", weighs 158, has blue eyes and dark brown hair. He's a movie buff and would score high on any film trivia quiz, has a long-standing hope to one day date Carol Lynley, loves corn on the cob and watermelon, and wouldn't dream of missing "Star Trek." His birthday is January 7.

Bobby Holden, 20, organized Don and The Goodtimes with Li'l Don, after both had spent time with other Portland bands, and it is he who injects much of the mirth into the gourds live-action proceedings. Bobby is both the Goodtimes' drummer and built-in sense of humor.

He can find something funny about anything and, as an alternative, will invent funny. He can announce a miss-mash of noise as his latest composition, give a complex definition for a word of his own invention, and have the audience believing.

Bobby, whose birthday is April 16, is 5' 10", has blonde hair and blue eyes, and an appetite that is at constant odds with his current diet. He's a fresh fruit fanatic, particularly oranges and apples, enjoys hunting, fishing and mechanical drawing, and hopes to one day own his own cattle ranch.

Jeff Hawks, 20, sings shakes a tambourine and creates new dance steps and astonishing combinations of gyrations. And he sprinkles his performances with jokes, imitations (Marlon Brando and Wolfman Jack being his current favorites), and the "Goodtimes Hi-Sign," which he invented. It requires one to put hand under chin, palm downward, and wiggle the fingers like five berserk worms.

The darkly handsome Jeff, whose large, loving, brooding brown eyes can be hypnotic, has proven a fan favorite since stepping onstage to replace a Goodtime retired by illness. His warmth, appreciation and eagerness to please are three reasons why that's so.

Jeff, raised in Alameda, California, is 6', has black hair and tips the scales at 150 pounds. He devours steaks, digs football, writes short stories and songs, and can spend hours on end in a photo darkroom. His birthday is August 31.

Joey Newman, 19, is beginning to tire of being mistaken for Peter No-one, although his resemblance to Herman is in the uncanny category. It goes with having blonde hair, blue eyes, and one of the biggest, brightest, toothiest smiles ever unlipped off the planet Krypton.

There is no mistaking, however, that his way with lead guitar give the Goodtimes' music its get-up-and-go quality. And his vocalizing is important to the distinctive Goodtimes blend.

Joey, 5' 11", was born August 29 in Seattle, Washington, and was playing with another Pacific Northwest band when invited to enlist with The Goodtimes. He's a sharp with a pool cue as with the guitar and used to win trophies in a go-cart racing league; enjoys movies and baseball games; hopes to meet Paul Newman (who is no relation, just a favorite); wants to see the world. – Bob Levinson

From Billboard - July 22, 1967: Don and the Goodtimes have a top sales attraction in their first album for Epic including their hit single, "I Could Be So Good To  You," this 11-selection pressing offers upbeat numbers like "Gimme Some Lovin'," "With A Girl Like You," and "And It's So Good." "My Color Book" is a good slower number with today's sound.

I Could Be So Good To You
The Music Box
*I Could Never Be
*Gimme Some Lovin'
**If You Love Her, Cherish Her And Such
With A Girl Like You
*My Color Song
And It's So Good
Sweet, Sweet Mama
* Good Day Sunshine

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