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Monday, December 21, 2020

The Consolers Greatest Hits


To Late

The Consolers 
Greatest Hits
Produced by Shannon Williams
Album Layout and Design: Dan Quests Art Studio
Cover Photography: Dan Quest
Nashboro Records 27200

From the back cover: Sullivan and Iola Pugh met and married in their native Florida. They remained proud residents of Miami, and their singing contains all the folkloric elements of blues, gospel and country -and-western found in that part of the country. Both had launched successful careers as soloists and group singers, but their greatest boost occurred when they decided to launch a gospel duo.

They commenced traveling in Florida, Alabama, and North and South Carolina. Originally their repertoire was based on traditional spirituals and songs of the Holiness Church. But as time went on, Sullivan Pugh became noted for his composing abilities. It was Sullivan's gift, as well as his plaintive guitar-playing and the Consolers' appealing vocal blend, that led Ernie Young, the founder of Nashboro Records, to sign them in 1954.

For over twenty years, The Consolers have been among Nashboro's biggest sellers. Their first Disc, "Give Me My Flowers" was a hit and still sells. It's message, that kindness is better appreciated this side of the grave, was understood and applauded by audiences all over the country. During the late fifties, Mr. and Mrs. Pugh became popular touring artists.

In 1963, the Consolers recorded their greatest hit, "Waiting For My Child To Come Home." All over America, families were being wracked by separation and juvenile delinquency. Sullivan Pugh put the fears and hopes of countless mothers into his song, and they responded by buying over a half-a-million copies of the single and over one hundred thousand albums.

Give Me Flowers
Won't It Be Grand
On God's Word
His Child Is Aboard
Too Late
Somewhere Around God's Throne
The Train Moves On
By The Grace Of God I'm Saved
Every Christian Mother
Someone Must Answer At The Judgement

Lord Bring Me Down
May The Work I've Done Speak For Me
Thank God Things Are As Well As They Are
Since The Lord Laid His Hands On Me
Over Yonder (Where Jesus Is)
Waiting For My Child
The Lighthouse
These Old Hands Of Mine
Don't Let Nothing Shake Your Faith
Together We Shall Stand
Stretch Out Your Hand To The Lord

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