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Thursday, June 21, 2018

London Swings - The Johnny Scott Orchestra

London Bridge Is Falling Down
London Swings
The Johnny Scott Orchestra
Produced by Ron Richards
Studio 2 Stereo
An A.I.R. (London) Production
E.M.I. Records
Two 118

Trumpets: Leon Calvert, Gregg Bowen, Ray Davis, Eddie Blair and Ian Hamer
Trombones: Don Lusher, Jack Baine, Maurice Pratt and Jackie Armstrong
Saxed: Roy Willcox, Al Newman, Bob Efford, Ducan Lamont and Ronnie Ross
Harps: John Marson and Michael Jefferies
Piano: Alan Branscombe
Guitar: Judd Proctor
Bass: Arthur Watts
Drums: Barry Morgan
Strings led by Tony Gilbert

Let's All Go Down The Strand
They're Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace
Chelsea Bridge
Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road
The Trees In Grosvenor Square
Limehouse Blues
London By Night
Greek Street, Soho
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Covent Garden Starts Early
Springtime In Piccadilly Circus
London Bridge Is Falling Down

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