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Friday, January 27, 2017

As Long As He Needs Me - Shani Wallis

As Long As He Needs Me
As Long As He Need Me
Shani Wallis
Produced by Hy Gill
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Ralph Carmichael

From Billboard - September 28, 1968: The Lionel Bart hit from the foredooming film version of "Oliver" is delivered in top form by Miss Wallis, co-star of the film.

As Long As He Needs Me
This Girl's In Love With You
Whoever You Are, I Love You
I'd Do It All Again
Halfway To Paradise
Didn't We
The Impossible Dream
I Remember Loving You
It's A Nice Face
Old Devil Moon
Where Is Love


  1. SMOKES! Shani Wallis. I hear her occasionally on an all vinyl program. Fantastic voice.

  2. A time ago André Breton said : May be the best in love is again to climb the stairs... i would like climb this one... just to arguing about the sex of angels off course.
    where can we here this wondering thing? only in heaven i suppose?


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