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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Belly Dance - Jimmy Linardos

Limmy Linardos And His Near-East Group
Belly Dance
Recorded live at New York's Cafe Yaffo
Volume 1 & 2
1974 & 1975
Fran Records

Volume 2 offers a nice, extended piece of music (sample above), on side one.

Volume 1 Musicians:
Jimmy Linardos - Leader, Accordionist
Joseph Kassab - Oud, Singer
Johnny Mirhige - Dumbeg, Tambourine, Cymbals
Michael Vougiazis: Rhythm Guitar
Lou Mavris - Bass Guitar

Volume 2 Musicians:
Jimmy Linardos - Leader, Accordionist
Michael Vougiazis - Rhythm Guitar, Bouzoukee
George Manikas - Bass Guitar
Saul Betesh - Oud, Singer
Ronnie Jamgochian - Dumbeg
Joseph Zaroura - Tambourine

Volume two dancers (cover): Shelli Adani, Ya Shara, Charleena, Electra, Tina, Magdalene, Satrina, Jackie and Savitar.

Mural on the cover was done by the famous Israeli painter - Avram Mordoh.


  1. Steve Yerganian (striped shirt)is also dumbeg player.
    I was present atvthe 74 and 75 sessions, two of my student are on cover of Vol 2.

  2. Interesting to see others interested in a musical Era focused on middle eastern and belly dance. My father was Jimmy Linardos. He had a passion for his music~thank you for your hard work in keeping this alive


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