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Monday, June 30, 2014

Twilight Time - The Three Suns

The Breeze And I
Twilight Time
The Three Suns
RCA Victor LPM-1171

From the back cover: The Three Suns were the first instrumental group to use their particular combination of accordion, guitar and organ. Artie Dunn, who's the organist of the troupe, organized it on his return from a vaudeville tour of Australia. Back in New York he ran into his cousin Al Nevins, guitarist, and the two decided on a combination that would use the guitar, accordion and, in place of the usual piano, an organ. Then they looked around for a pretty girl accordionist. Riding down Fifth Avenue one day with Al's brother Morty, the three started to harmonize. It struck Al and Atrie at the same time; maybe Morty was pretty, but he could play a mean accordion and, besides, he could sing. At that moment "The Three Suns" trio was born.

The Three Suns came by their name in an unusual way. When they were still new as a trio, and in search of a name, they happened one day to call on Al and Morty's mother. "Here come my three sons," she greeted them. Something clicked in the minds of all three at the same time. Here was the name they were waiting for! And with just a change of vowel, there it was.

Cover photo: Mitchell Bliss

Twilight Time
When Day Is Gone
The Breeze And I
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine
Penthouse Serenade
Sunrise Serenade
I'll Never Wish For More Than This
Deep Purple
Sleepy Serenade
My Isle Of Golden Dreams.

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