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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Calypso Carnival - John Arvin

Castles Of Sand
Calypso Carnival
The John Arvin Quartet Sings Calypso
Cover Photo - Langely
Posed by the Lee Watkins Dancers
Hollywood Records LPH0-26

From the back cover: Once featured with the Ralph Flanagan Orchestra, the John Arvin Quartet's harmonizing is now directed toward pop recordings and singing commercials.

Individually, each member is an accomplished soloist, having recorded under their own names on a variety of labels. They are baritone Jack Daniels, bass Bill Sontag, tenor Dick Warren and tenor John Arvin, the group's leader-arranger who penned serval songs for the album.

Nineteen Trunks Full Of Money
Jamaica Farewell
Mother In Law
Castles In The Sand
De Tourists are Restless Tonight
Papano And Chips
No Love For Me
The Banana Boat Song
Calypso Rock And Roll
Long White Gloves
Happy Harry


  1. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing.

    These tracks were also issued on Design Records as by King Streak & the Four Princes (the back cover says King Streak's name is Paul Sebastian from Jamaica !!)

    And also on a series of 4 EPs on Gateway Records (Cincinnati).

    On other records by John Arvin (Zeigler) see :

    1. Thanks Bob! I did a search, but missed that Rite/Gateway Cincinnati reference. All of the pressings I've found on those labels (Gateway… I almost never find) are "local"… I wonder if the man lived around these parts? Paul Sebastian from Jamaica… that's a hard sell… : )


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