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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Jazz Mass by Joe Masters

Angus Dei
The Jazz Mass by Joe Masters
Joe Masters, musical director
Allan Davies, choral director
Produced for records by John Hammond
Columbia CS 9398

The sample above is the beautiful last track from an unusual and engaging conceptual project.

From the back cover: God isn't dead as you well know.

The dead are those who want to keep us feeling guilty about guitars in Church and pop songs at Mass and trumpets at Vespers. They are dead. They died in 1285. They can't love the city, the real one with the dirt and the grubby kids who laugh and make giants out of fire hydrants and are sure that eggs come from refrigerators and not chickens.

This is what this Mass is all about, the Mass by Joe Masters, a kid from the city, the city of Boston.

Session artists: Loulie Jean Norman (Soprano), Clark Burroughs (Tenor), Mike Wofford (Piano), Bobby West (Bass), Johnny Guerin (Drums), Jerry Williams (Timpani), Gary Barone (Trumpet), Harold Land (Tenor Sax) and Antony Ortega (Alto Sax)

Gloria In Excelsis
Pater Nostros
Agnus Dei

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  1. Nancy in ColoradoMay 24, 2021 at 3:04 PM

    Thank you for posting the 3 clips from this album. We got this album when it first came out. I even got a handwritten copy of the piano score. Unfortunately, it was lost during my travels overseas.

    I wish I could get the whole album but it was great hearing some of it!


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