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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keyboard Cocktails - Chuy Reyes

Out Of Nowhere
Full Album
Keyboard Cocktails
Chuy Reyes
Capitol Records H305

This one is a straight forward keyboard cocktails lounge. For a more "Latin" Reyes, check out: Rhumba De Cuba and Sambas.

If I Had You
I Surrender Dear
Out Of Nowhere
Blue Moon
I've Got You Under My Skin
While A Cigarette Was Burning
That Old Black Magic


  1. I have been looking for this album for ages!!! Chuy Reyes had such a nice sound to his music! Is there anyway you could please, please, please send me a link to the entire album? I know I'm asking a bit much, but this is one album that I've been in love with since I heard a song off it on the local college station here.

    1. Hi Edward. Check the post again and you'll find the download. Cheers! Mark

    2. Thank you so much Mark. I really dig this kind of music. Classy and relaxing. Your uploads are lovely too since you don't ruin them with noise reduction! I can't tell you how many great posts I've seen on other blogs, only to be disappointed by how garbled the audio is because of noise reduction! Thank you again.

    3. You're welcome. Right, I only rarely run noise reduction software to save a file that has an annoying level of noise. Sometimes the results are impressive. But, like you say, the software can create it's own audio signature which is more annoying than listening to pops and clicks... They are records after all.

  2. I've seen the name Chuy Reyes and his LP covers in the old Capitol catalogues but I've never actually heard him before now.

    He was very good, similar to Carmen Cavallaro - and that's high praise.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity of hearing him, Mark.

    - der bajazzo


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