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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Living Strings Play Henry Mancini

Experiment In Terror
Living Strings Play Henry Mancini
Arranged And Conducted By Johnny Douglas
RCA Camden CAL/CAS-736

I'd rather buy an actual Mancini album. But, for 50¢ at the thrift... this isn't a bad lounge LP.

Days Of Whine And Rosese
Baby Elephant Walk
The Soft Touch
Peter Gunn
Theme From Hatari!
Blue Satin
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Mr. Lucky
Experiment In Terror
Moon River


  1. I have this album and am in the process right now of converting it to MP3. I was trying to get more info on it and found your blog. Is 1963 the right date it was released? One site says 1962. I am just trying to catalog it by year.
    It is not that bad. When I found it in my mother's closet, I thought it was going to be Mancini too. They sure made his name big enough on the album! I see she bought it at 2 for $1.00 so I guess she paid 50 cents also!

    1. Most of my dates are found doing a Billboard Magazine search. A few record companies, including RCA, printed dates on their covers. Occasionally a date can be found on a site which attempts to catalog the LPs released by a particular label. – Mark


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