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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bach's Greatest Hits - The Swingle Singers

Bach's Greatest Hits
A Unique Jazz Vocal Treatment Of Johann Sebastian Bach
By The Creative Swingle Singers
Phipips PHS 600-097

This record was passed over at the thrift probably because the pop music pickers thought they were passing by a classical music album. Well... yes, but a classical album featuring The Swingle Singers special 60s light pop vocals. Yeah... I guess those are two reasons for the pop music pickers to avoid this one...

On the other hand, due to their oversight, I got to enjoy some very interesting sounds. The back cover notes go on to state that the compositions are original and only adjusted to add "bass and drums to set the fugues, preludes, and other compositions into 4/4 time". And "in two instances keys were changed to accommodate the limits of the human voice".

Basically, the producers wanted buyers to know that little was changed from the original and that Bach rocks!

Even though the vibe of each track doesn't subtaintially "vary"... in how the oohs, ahhs and dooby-dos are presented... The Swingles manage the pacing from track to track nicely which helps holds the interest held.

A unique listen!

Fugue In D Minor
Prelude In F Major
Fugue In C Minor
Prelude No. 9
Prelude In C Major
Invention In C Major
Fugue In D Major


  1. I own a knock off of this album. It was issued by Wyncote records, and was credited to the "Single Swingers".

    1. Awesome! I'll have to keep an eye out for that gem!


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