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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Quad Guitars - Tony Mottola

Classical Gas
Enoch Light Presents
Tony Mottola And The Quad Guitars
Arrangements By Tony Mottola
The Total Sound/Project 3 PR5078 QD

Guitarists include, in addition to Mottola, four heavyweight New York session men, Vinnie Bell, Al Caiola, Don Arone and Al Casamenti. Additional session men include well known space age figures, Dick Hyman, Jule Ruggiero, Ronnie Zito, Derek Smith and Phil Kraus.

Double Enoch Light's typical excellent stereo engineering, make it "quad" and you've got a super treat for your ear.

The blue sticker on the front cover assures buyers that the record will play on "your regular stereo set". Indeed it will, and like most Quad records I find... they play better. This record sounds amazing.

The music still holds onto that 60s Command light pop vibe, but comes across with a touch more of a light jazz feel.

Classical Gas
Sugar Blues
Over The Rainbow
Stage Fright
Moonlight In Vermont
Chicken-A-La Swing
Galloping Guitars
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Guitar Boogie
All The Things You Are
Paganini's 24th Caper


  1. Hi! Maybe I am bothering you......
    I am not sure if it would be possible to download music from your site. I don't see any link for the title. Aldus

    1. No bother. I generally only post samples rather than entire LPs do to server space and other issues. Thanks for asking.


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