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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lost Love - The Coronet Orchestra

Lost Love
The Coronet Orchestra
MGM Records (Lowe's Inc.)

Apparently, although hard to find... some or all of these tracks can be found for purchase/download... so I won't be posting a sample. Sorry!

From the back cover: The honor of leading this fine group (The Coronet Orchestra) by the way, by written note and by baton, has fallen to two imaginative young men, two of England's top arranger-conductors: Bruce Campbell and Malcolm Lockyer, who, apart from being tops in their selected fields, are also talented writers of the modern school of "mood music".

I bought this one for the cover art. I expected to hear canned easy listening. But this is a fine stuff that actually does manage to capture a touch of the more flamboyant period "mood music" trends.

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