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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Power And The Glory - Roger Bacon Band

This Guy's In Love With You
The Power And The Glory
Guth Brothers Post 111 Roger Bacon Band
Recorded by Insight Communications, Inc
Artist Recording Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
6920 - 700651

OK... this one is coming out of left field even for me... but I couldn't resist the great cover image. You are looking from the south shore of The Ohio River, probably from Newport, Kentucky across the river into downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

I live in the area... it's a local thing for me.


  1. Would you post the entire album of the Old Bacon Band?

    Mark M.

  2. This Band finished #3 in the nation out of 50.

  3. I remember recording this album when I was a freshman in high school. We did it outdoors and, if you listen to a really good copy of the album, you can actually hear the locusts that were out at the time. (At least that's what we joked to each other back then!!)

    1. i was in the Roger Bacon band in 1969-1972 and was a freshman or soft-more at the time. we recorded this at LaSalle HS field with cicadas flying around. my name is Mike lack- i am trying to get a copy of this album.

  4. You can still get an original copy of the album through Roger Bacon High School. I understand they recently found a box of them....


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