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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shaft In Africa

Shaft In Africa
Original score composed, arranged and conducted by Johnny Pate
ABC Records BCX-793

From the cover graphic, the best I could have hoped for was some 70s movie musical magic cheese. Yes, there is some of that 70s fun going on. But this album also features a great blend of funk, jazz and little exotica, if you will, along with great Four Tops vocals. Good stuff!

Available as mp3 down loads so I will not be posting a sample. It helps if you search for the mp3 files to add "pate" as a keyword.

You Can't Even Walk In The Park
Are You Man Enough
Aleme Finds Shaft
Shaft In Africa
El Jardia
Are You Man Enough
Jazar's Theme
Truck Stop
Aleme's Theme
El Jardia
Are You Man Enough (End Title)

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