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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wichita Lineman - Garn Littledyke Sings

Wichita Lineman
Garn Littledyke Sings
Crown Records CST 579

I rarely buy what appears to be a country record unless the the cover has a real vintage look to it. Or... if there is a photo of a hooker on the cover. If you notice... there is a boot in the frame just above her head. I assume that is the Lineman working... while the working girl works.

But the real surprise is the music. Yes, it's a bit country but it can also be a bit folk/psych. The vocalist sounds just a touch like Johnny Cash. The group, for most of the album, is a small three or four piece affair recorded in a simple "lo-fi" way. There is some great guitar work on the LP. The vibe is very cool.

As with most, if not all Crown Records... no matter how obscure... this one is available for purchase/download (what's up with that anyway?). Sorry, I will not be posting a sample! But there doesn't seem to be any examples of the cover art online. So at least I can offer you the visual experience!


  1. Most interesting cover! lol

  2. Just talked to Garn last weekend.Great singer and songwriter...i have quite a bit of his work & it stays in my cd changer !

    1. Bob, I hope you see this. Do you often come in contact with Garn Littledyke? I just bought this album a week or so ago, and I've been playing it right into the ground! I had never heard of Garn, but bought the album because it was a Crown lp (they are always interesting because you never know what you'll get) I play it at home and in my car and at work. I'd really like you to pass on to him that his album is picking up new fans all these years later!


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