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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Muzak - New Dimensions

Those Were The Days
New Dimension
Volume 2
Muzak H-I (1) 35A

Only that Muzak sound can bring up the memories of that trip to the local Woolworth's department store. Your mother made you hold packages of women's underwear while she tried on shoes. You sat there red faced as you watched the school bully shoplift the latest Beatles album. He sees you looking at him and makes a menacing motion that he is going to kill you.

Yes, those were the days!

The Look Of Love
Love Is Blue
What A Wonderful World
With Pen In Hand
Master Jack
Step To The Rear
Little Green Apples
Autumn Of My Life
What The World Needs Now
Mrs. Robinson
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
Those Were The Days


  1. HA HA omg. Your description was priceless. I love the cover. Very fun!

  2. I have this LP and my usb turntable doesn't play all channels like your version. What player and software did you use for this? It's a quality I can duplicate.

    1. You mean... your version is "mono"? Possibly Muzak released a mono issue? I don't have easy access to the album to check to see if "stereo" is mentioned on the jacket. Other than that, I'm doing nothing fancy here. I'm using Audacity. The LP was spun on a belt drive ion USB table or on my newer table, Audio-Technica which is direct drive. The ion actually worked nicely, but I used it so much that I thought it best to upgrade to a direct drive.


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