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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plant Music

Silver Queen
Plant Music
Baroque Bouquet
Amherst AMH9001
Transcontinent Record Sales

The back jacket contains references to 1960s plant/music studies.


  1. An early "New Age" concept release! Nice! I bet the plants grew!

  2. This album was played almost constantly by my roommates in college. Very soothing

  3. My father, a college store manager, sold this LP in his store. For some wild and crazy reason Baroque Bouquet's Plant Music that year sold more copies than even his previous LP best seller, Star Wars, did. The store couldn't keep it in stock and the music was heard all over campus! As a humorous gift a few years back, my best friend gave me one of the LP's, along with a digitized CD of the music. I still play it occasionally, just for kicks and memories.

  4. Do you think you could upload more of this album? This is the only track I can find online. I'd be very grateful! Thanks


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