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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Refreshing Melodies - Alvino Rey


The Haven Of Rest

Refreshing Melodies
Featuring Alvino Rey of The King Family
At the Console Guitar
With The Ralph Carmichael Orchestra
Sacred LPS-76002

From the back cover: Hardly a Saturday night goes by but what millions of people throughout America are thrilled to the exciting guitar playing  by Alvino Rey of the "Kind Family Show". Playing the console guitar, an instrument he invented and perfected over many years, Alvino is considered one of the world's great guitarists. Besides being a popular recording and studio musician, Alvino is also a respected classical guitarist, having recently spent an entire summer in Spain studying the renowned Andre Segovia.

The King Family is the true American Family. Thirty-seven brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins that can sing together, and in tune, makes them especially unique – in any country! Here is a family united by love: lover for God, love for their country, love for their families, and genuine love and concern for their fellowmen. It is not unusual, then, that a family such as this would convey this love to the rest of the world, even on a network television show. Each "King Family Show" features a patriotic or religious song honestly sung with deep sincerity. The lyric of their closing theme: There is beauty all around when there's love at home, couldn't be truer than with the King Family.

A secret device of Alvino Rey was to do a religious recording of hymns and gospel songs that meant much to him, and I imagine, a good many others would agree with his choice! Working closely with his long time friend, Ralph Carmichael and his orchestra, they have united their talents into a beautifully warm and relaxing album guaranteed to be a source of inspiration for many years to come. Alvino's favorites, The Old Rugged Cross, The Haven Of Rest, and The Way Of The Cross Leads Home, will surely be your favorites after one hearing. Relax and listen! I known you'll enjoy it. – Fred Bock

What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Cleanse Me
The Way Of The Cross
Near The Cross
I Love Hime
The Old Rugged Cross
In The Garden
Aloha Oe
My Home Sweet Home
The Haven Of Rest
Now The Day Is Over

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