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Friday, April 9, 2021

The Most Beautiful Girl - Bert Kaempfert


In The Everglades

The Most Beautiful Girl
Bert Kaempfert
Produced by Milt Gabler
Cover Photo: Robert Blakeman
Engineer: Peter Klemt
Recorded in Hamburg, Germany
MCA Records MCA-402

From the back cover: At this point in time it does not take a musical prophet to discern that The Most Beautiful Girl will most likely be the number one song of the year and rightfully so. This album by Bert Kaempfert which is dedicated to all beautiful girls is a fitting tribute to the song as well. Here you have the latest creations of the man who gave you "Strangers In The Night," "Spanish Eyes," "Danke Schoen,"  "LOVE," "Afrikaan Beat," "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" and dozens of other impeccable arrangements and hauntingly beautiful melodies. Every Kaempfert styling is distinctive and immediately recognizable. That is why his recordings are the most played big band sounds heard on radio broadcasts throughout this land as well as the rest of the world. So much so that his fans and promoters in England have induced him to give his first concert in London, at the Royal Albert Hall, on February 28, 1974. Just as every new Bert Kaempfert album is an event the appearance should be the highpoint of his illustrious career.

The Most Beautiful Girl
Why Can't You And I Add To Love
Touch The Wind (Eres Tu)
Jumpin' Blue
Opus One
I Found My Love
Let Me Be There
Easy Glider 
Tuxedo Junction
Moon Over Baja
I Cover The Waterfront
In The Everglades

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