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Friday, April 9, 2021

Dick Campbell Sings Where It's At


You've Got To Be Kidding

Dick Campbell
Sings Where It's At
All selections written by Dick Campbell
Produced by Lou Reizner
Mercury Records MG 21060


Dick Campbell - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Bloomfield - 12 String Guitar (courtesy of Columbia Records)
Jimmy Vincent - 12 String Framus Guitar
Pete Cetera - Electric Bass
Mark Naftalin - Organ
Marty Grebb - Tambourine, Piano, Finger Cymbals and various other instruments
Artie Sullivan - Tambourine and Vocals
Paul Butterfield - Harp (courtesy of Electra Records)
Billy Herman, Sam Lay, Larry Wrice - Drums

The Blues Peddlers
You've Got To  Be Kidding
The People Planners
Aphrodite's Child
Despairs Cafeteria 
Approximately Four Minutes Of Feeling Sorry For D. C.
Object Of Derision
Where Were You
Girls Named Misery
Ask Me If I Care
Don Juan Of The Western World

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