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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Dance Into Your Sultan's Heart - Ozel


Ali Baba

Dance Into Your Sultan's Heart
Belly Dance With Ozel
Orchestra Conducted by Tank Bulut
Executive Producer: Ayhan Turkbas
Associate Producer: Jesse Kornbluth
Design Consultant: Sait Sarsan
Photography: Paul Frankian
Hair Dresser: Marcello of Italy
Costumes: Miss Yurdaul Yuksel
Recoding Engineers: Mike Moran & Pay Martin
Record Cover Design: N. B. Ward, Assoc.
Recorded at the RCA Recording Studios, New York, N. Y.
El-Ay STEREO 2877


Violin: Yavuz Ozustun
Bouzokia: John Tatasopoulos
Kanun: Orhan Yeginsoy
Organ: Jimmy Linardos
Bass: George Manikas
Battery/Drums: Dinitrios Dais
Electric Guitar: Errol Bulut
Finger Cymbals: Ozel Turkbas
Vib - Tympany - Piano - Darbuka: Tank Bulut

From the back cover: Ozel has repaid her American fans with an outpouring of creativity – in two years, she has released two records and the definitive lesson book, The Art Of Belly Dancing. The success of these efforts is the direct result of Ozel's authenticity as performer and teacher – she does not offer watered-down, commercialized versions of dances and music (too complicated) for Americans. The final stamp of authenticity came early this year when her first album, How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan, sold its millionth copy in Turkey.

This is the third of a series of records Ozel is releasing to help American women learn a new way of exercise while they are (simultaneously) learning to please and excite their male audience. Once again Ozel has assembled the finest musicians from the middle east made them comfortable in the most sophisticated New York Recording Studios, and turned the tape recorders on.

Ozel's Belly Dance Routine
Ali Baba - Karsilama (Vocal by Ozel Turkbas)
The Dance In The  Garden (Vocal by Ozel Turkbas)
A Wedding Song - Karam (Vocal by Ozel Turkbas)
Organ Improvisation by Jimmy Linardos
Halime Is A Coquette (Vocal by Ozel Turkbas)
Azeri Dance Number
Popular Circle Dance - Kasap Havasi
Violin Kanun - Bouzoukia Solo (Yavuz Ozustun/Orhan Yeginsoy/John Tatasopoulos)

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