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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Melodies Of Love - Wayne King

My Chrysanthemum Flower
Melodies Of Love
Wayne King And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8124

From Billboard - May 4, 1955: Record buyers will be given their choice of Wayne King love melodies – plural or singular – this month with RCA Victor bringing out a collector's issue by King titled "Melody Of Love" and this package of new King waxings tagged "Melodies of Love." The chief difference in the two albums is that this one is purely instrumental, a factor which could influence sales in its favor, since the vogue for King-styled music was originally sparked by Billy Vaughn's instrumental version of the oldie. In addition to the title song, this package includes 11 other dreamy instrumentals. An added sales plus for the LP is the photo of a screen beauty on the cover.

Melody Of Love
My Chrysanthemum Flower
My Buddy
Blue House
My Wonderful One
Huguette Waltz
That Naughty Waltz
The Waltz You Save For Me

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