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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Latin In Ultrasonic Stereo - Aristi And The Soundmakers

Spanish Eyes
Latin In Ultrasonic Stereo
Sounds Your Eyes Can Follow
Aristi And The Soundmakers
Conductor: Alberto Pecjo
Arranger: Erning Ocampo
Supervisor: Erning Ocampo
Recording Technicians: Tony Faustino & Jess Felix
Cover Layout : Aris Art Dept.
Recorded at Carver Studio, Inc.
Aris Records - Made and Printed in the Philippines

Erning Ocampo: Spanish Guitar
Bert Pecjo: Alto Sax
Percy Val: Percussion

Spanish Eyes
Ola Quetal
Vaya Con Dios
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Sabor A Mi
Solamente Una Vez
Sin Um Amor
Noche De Ronda
Maria Elena
Adios Mariquita Linda

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