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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dinner And Music In The Pacific

Blue Hawaii
Lei N'ala
Dinner Music In The Pacific
Inspired By The Colorful Pages Of Holliday
Package Design by Heintz & Company
Cover Art by Will Dressler
Specially Pressed By RCA Custom Records
Suburban Marketers - Philadelphia, Pa.

This is a sweet specially package commissioned, presumably,  by Holiday Magazine to be distributed to their reader base. Recipients received a fine "Tiki" set inside a festive book-fold jacket that featured  tropical flavor cocktails and food recipes printed on the inside spread. The music is top notch for the period. To make up the package, RCA appears to have recorded or had on hand, the entire set rather than assembling a collection of similar sounding stock tracks from their archives. There are no artist credits to be found in the materials.

Uina Uina
Moonlight And Shadows
On Kona Kai
Maui Girl
Lei Aloha, Lei Makamae
Luau Chant
Hanohano Hanalei
Just An Orchid From Hawaii
Lei N'ala
Let Me Hear You Whisper (Tele Ia Ole Sami)

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