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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith
Director Of Engineering: Val Valentin
Cover Design: Acy R. Lehman
Cover Photo: Irv Elkin
Engineer: Bob Arnold
Cover Guitar: (Johnny Smith Model Guitar) Gibson JS.
Verve/MGM Records Division V6-8692

Personnel: Johnny Smith - guitar, Hank Jones - piano, George Duvivier - bass and Don Lamond - drums

Book-fold/die-cute cover jacket design.

From the inside cover: During the fifteen years since he recorded his famous version of Moonlight in Vermont, Smith has made many albums, but it is probably no exaggeration to say that on none of them has he had an accompanying unit so well attuned to his needs as this. His three companions are fellow spirits in terms of technical ability and devotion to music. Despite extraordinary instrumental facility, none is a exhibitionist, for their facility is at all times governed by good taste.

From Billboard - June 24, 1967 "Jazz Spotlight": A soft, but vibrant style pervades each tune – each a first class performance.

Memories Of You
Manha De Carnaval
Here's That Rainy Day
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
The Shadow Of Your Smile
My Favorite Things
Golden Earrings
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
The Girl From Ipanema

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