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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oscillations 1 2 3 & 4 - Don Voegeli

Weird For Sound
The Parched Whistle
Electronic Hangover
Oscillations 1 2 3 & 4
Don Voegeli
Electrosonic Studio
University Of Wisconsin-Extension

If you want to OD on that 70s "Popcorn" moog synthpop sound… find this box set jammed full of radio/TV production music. Featured above are samples, one from each disc. Voegeli introduces elements from time-to-time that "add texture" to sound that include the human vocal heard in "Remembering". There are also touches of "real instruments" featured on several tracks.

From the back cover (box set): This four record set contains the re-pressing of the first four records in the Oscilations series produced by the ELECTROSONIC STUDIO during the years 1972 to 1975. Many radio stations report that the original records have "walked away" from their libraries over the years or are too worn for further use. Also, original distribution was made before public television stations were being serviced by the ELECTROSONIC STUDIO and therefore this material will be new to TV facilities. I suggest that you dub these records to tape so that the material may have prolonged service to your station.

Oscillations 1

Cock o' Walk
Gently Snowing
Strawberry Yogurt
Shy Ballerina
Hi Charlie, What's New
Waltz Shirlee
Tweetee Lopez
Weird For Sound
Cock o' the Walk (Short Version)
When Paris Sleeps
King Tomb's Tut
Khachaturian Copout
Strawberry Yogurt (short version)
Shy Ballerina (short version)
Herr Schmidt
Random Effect

Oscillations 2

The Clown That Sings
Sand Castles
Caribbean Cruise
Scotch And Soda
Daffodils And Daisies
March For April
It's My Birthday!
Song Of The Balalaika
The Color Of Mist
Model "T" Waltz
Sea Swells
Electronic "Free-For-All"
Gossip On The Line

Oscillations 3

Your Stations Presents
YSP-Theme Only (no open)
YSP -Theme Only (long version)
YSP - Special Opening / Tag
Plain Song
A Drop Of Tabasco
I'll Be Ninety-One Next Tuesday
The Parched Whistle
Music from Glimmerings, a contemporary dance piece for television (five movements)

Oscillations 4

Around The World
The Bells Of St. Mary
Bridge Club
Dvorak, Humoresque (rock)
The Bells Of St. Mary's (short version)
Around The World (short version)
Jaunty Juile
Electronic Hangover
Puppet Parade
Puppet Parade (short version)
Sound Patterns (20 tracks)

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