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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Red Callender Speaks Low

In A Sentimental Mood
Red Callender Speaks Low
Crown CLP 5012

Fantastic mood/jazz album that plays through as fresh today as when it was recorded in the mid-50s.

From the back cover: It's curious that Red Callender should be among the first in jazz to be featured playing the tuba. He has a solid reputation as a brilliant bassist and jazz composer, and has made his mark on jazz in that role. Actually, Red started playing the tuba long before the bass. He was primarily interested in the tuba when he first started music lessons at the age of 12 in Bordentown, New Jersey. Since that time, Red had a long and varied career as a musician and it would probably be easier to mention who he hasn't played with, rather than who he has. At one time or another in his career he has worked with almost every known name in the music world. He has played with such top bands as Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine and Jerry Fielding.

The musicians he's chosen for this date are of no lesser reputation than he. There's Buddy Collette on flute and clarinet; Vince DeRose, French horn (Irving Rosenthal on "Nice Day" and "Gone With The Wind"); Bob Bain, guitar; the inimitable Red Mitchell on bass; and Bill Douglas on drums.

Speak Low
Nice Day
In A Sentimental Mood
Foggy Day
Darn That Dream
Gone With The Wind

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