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Thursday, April 17, 2014

And Then Came Adam - Adam Wade

A Moment Of Madness
And Then Came Adam
Adam Wade
Produced by George Paxton
Arrangers: Fred Weismantel and Joe Lipman
Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of George Paxton
Coed SLPC 902

At the tail end of 1959, he (Wade) was just 22 years old, (born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 17th, 1937) a former student at Virgina State University, Adam matriculated to the Dr. Jonas Salk Polio Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh to commence his career as a biochemist. To Adam his Utopia was achieved; the lifelong ambition to delve into the world of science was in his grasp. Adam worked side by side with the brilliant and unflagging staff of Dr. Jonas Salk for one year, until one evening a school-teacher friend told Adam he intended making a trip to New York. This friend had written some songs which he wanted Adam to help demonstrate in the Big City to New York Publishers. He alone knew how well Adam could sell a song and with this in mind induced Adam to accompany him to New York.

The singer-lab technician and teacher-songwriter made their first New York stop at Winneton Music a publishing firm in the Brill Building. This is where the proverbial 'big break' turned up. Marvin Cane, Coed Records Vice President, a veteran of the music business (former manager of Vic Damone), listened to Adam perform his friend's songs. Although the songs were the primary purpose of the demonstrations, Adam's vocalizing immediately caught Cane's fancy. He asked the singer if he could sing any standards, whereupon Adam sang more than a dozen of the two-hundred and forty songs he had memorized. Can whisked Wade into the presence of Coed Records President George Paxton, the renowned bandleader, arranger and composer. Paxton had Adam sing a few songs, and within a few minutes Adam Patrick Wad signed his Coed recording contract. – Marty Ostrow

Tell Her For Me
Just In Time
First Love
So In Love
A Moment Of Madness
I Had The Craziest Dream
I'm Wise
Around The World

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