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Monday, September 1, 2014

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Living Vocies

Old Cape Cod
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Living Voices
RCA Camden CAS-764

The Living Voices take no chances on this LP. However, the graphics department risked printing this "bad habits" cover art on foil. Foil printing was (and is) an expensive, four color, plus white process. Generally, ink coverage like this over foil would have been considered unnecessary, but perhaps all of the covers in this series were scheduled for foil stock. The cover was successful as that art does have a unusually rich look to it.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Shake Me I Rattle
The End Of The World
Be My Love
This Is All Ask
Over The Mountain
The Three Bells
Starry-Eyed And Breathless
Old Cap Code

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