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Friday, September 5, 2014

Music For Bathroom Baritones & Bathing Beauties

Where Or When
Music For Bathroom Baritones & Bathing Beauties
Walter Schumann and The Winged Victory Chorus
American-Standard Plumbing and Heating Division
RCA Custom Records

Dancing In The Dark
My Buddy
A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
Love's Old Sweet Song
Where Or When
Paddlin' Madelin' Home
I Only Have Eyes For You
The Whiffenpoof Song
Flirtation Walk
Great Day


  1. is there a link for this album please? i love these kind of songs that don't have vocals just chorus of oooh ooh ooh something about this is so soothing. i would appreciate any leads to any more albums that sound like. the only album i've come across that comes resembles this kind of music is a Jackie Gleason named Ooh.

  2. I been looking for this everywhere i had no such luck i seen these vinyl go for a lot of money. I wish someone would post a link to this album I would love to obtain this. I got this album free at the hardware store when my folks were building a new bathroom back in the very early 60's.

  3. I am looking for this album it was never put on CD or MP3 format. I bought this record twice on eBay with my luck the the first record was damage in the mail the second was warped. I would appreciate the help.

  4. check out this website for this album there also a link to download it


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