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Friday, July 25, 2014

Introduction To Stereo

Introduction To Stereo
Westminster WSS-1

Needless to say, this album is no "introduction to graphic design". Why Westminster, having published many fine album covers spent no money on this design, is a mystery to me.

The contents, for the most part, also seem "budget" or "dashed" together. The stereo engineering sounds weak to my ears. However, Ralph Font's cover of Tabu (or Taboo) is worth posting as a sample to compare with any mono versions that may floating around out there.

I thought I had the Font's LP that this track was lifted from, but I can't find the copy. Instead, check out this super fun Font project: Longhair Goes Cha-Cha

Sabre Dance - Vienna State Opera Orchestra
Espana - Vienna State Orchestra
Castaldo March - Deutschmeister
Bank Holiday - Vienna State Orchestra
Trepak - Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Toccata In D Minor - Carl Weinrich
Sound Effects
A Good Man Is Hard To Find - Mary Lou Brewer
Tabu - Ralph Font
Dixie - Dick Leibert
Peg-Leg Menegue - Ferrante and Teicher
The Spirit Of Christmas

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