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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Music From Wide Wide World - David Broekman

Carlsbad Caverns (Electronic sounds created by Otto Leuning and Valdimir Ussachevsky)
Music From Wide Wide World
Composed By David Broekman
David Broekman And His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM-1280

From the back cover: All of the music heard on Wide Wide World (NBC Television documentary series that ran from November, 1955 to May, 1958 ) is the work of an amazingly flexible craftsman, David Broekman, a composer and conductor who has worked in Hollywood's film studios, on radio and in television for the past thirty years. These media are all noted for the pressures they impose on their creative talents, but Broekman views his assignments on Wide Wide World as the greatest challenge he has ever had.

John S. Wilson (well-known jazz reviewer for High Fidelity Magazine/The New York Times) continues, in depth, to explain aspects of the "ominous deadline" Broekman faced.

As a collection of "soundtracks" from the documentary, this album plays through like a fine mid-50s orchestrated "concept" album. The tone is familiar, yet unpredictable. Even the cover, by today's standards, seems "abstract", although the image is simply clean 50s design. The cover sets the tone and music takes you on a lush "wide world trip".

This is really good stuff. Additionally, the record starts and finishes in a dramatic fashion by featuring a touch of that good old mysterious 50s style  soprano vocals by Louis Winter.

As a side story, you might want to click through to wiki to read about electronic music pioneers Broekman used on the sample above. Broekman wrote "...against and around this electronic core."

Wide Wide World
Cable Car San Francisco
Palm Beach Waltz
God' Own River
Intermezzo For A Day In May
Carlsbad Caverns
Grandma Moses
Samba Of The Orchids
Texas Cowboy
Dialog For Lovers
Autumn In Nebraska
Down To The Sea
Grand Canyon Music
Wide Wide World Concerto

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