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Monday, June 9, 2014

Dances In A Line

Amos Moses
The Hustle Walk
Rubberband Man
Dances In A Line
By Rudy Franklin
Kimbo Educational Records
KEA 1147

From the back cover: The introduction of Line Dances in a school physical education program can be of great help in the overall development of sound, successful, co-educational activities. Line Dances are the the dances of "today". The Disco sound is "in" and people of all ages are taking part. When Properly introduced and taught, Line Dances will help in early formative school dance units and provide an interesting addition to already successful co-ed programs. Line Dances can "break the ice" socially, bridge the gap for the "loner", and help children develop coordination. Errors are also not as apparent to one's classmates from this formation, and this may help promote a positive self image.

Marky Markowitz, Sonny Russo, Phil Bodner and Jay Berliner are credited on the back cover as session musicians.

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