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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gunfighter Ballads - Tex Johnson

Blood On The Saddle
Gunfighter Ballads
Tex Johnson And His Six Shooters
Promenade 2239

Nice collection of western ballads and a terrific cover design. Also on the Diplomat label, same cover and catalog number.


  1. As the Stones opined..."Too Much Blood"/like a classic Peckinpah film in a two-step format.

  2. This album was also issued on Crown records. It featured a near perfect knock off cover of Marty Robbins's "Gun Ballads and Trail Songs", the title of the knock off's title was 'Western Songs and Gun Fighter Ballads". The background color is the same. If you were not paying attention you would confuse this will the original album, well at least until you turned it over and saw the lack of liner notes, just a catalog on the back.

    Image here:

  3. bought this in 1962 in Jackson, Michigan. Whilst vinyl long-gone, I had a cassette self-copy, which disintegrated today.
    My notes say it was on Pirouette FM85.

    Wish I could find an iTune / CD copy somewhere ( oh, my lost youth !).
    Thank goodness I've gor 2 CD copies ( new) of Marty Robbins' "GBs and TS" LP


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