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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cha Cha Anyone?

Charlie Fantazy (Lara)
Piel Canela (Ramon)
Cha Cha Anyone?
RKO Records SLP-1004

This is a split record featuring and credited on the label as, side one, "Paquitin Lara and his Latin American Orchestra and side two, "Ramon and his Cha Cha Orchestra".

Both sides feature distinctive approaches, side one plays through as piano driven lounge or big band space age and side two, more traditional. Both sides play well against one another and feature nice stylistic twists that help keep you engaged while you sit and enjoy the fab cover.

There is some information to be found on Lara from the back cover: Paquitin Lara organized his first group of musicians some eleven years ago and today is one of the most outstanding Latin-American musicians in the country. Paquitin and his orchestra have appeared in practically every state of the Union and Canada, where they captivated the patrons at the Moulin Rouge. New York soon cast its discerning eye on Paquitin and he and his orchestra played many club engagements in and around the big city as well as on television. S.R.O. (standing room only) is the sign they put out when Lara is appearing. At New York's Club Hideaway Paquitin Lara and His Orchestra can claim the distinction of having had the longest engagement in the annuals of the club's existence.

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